Last Post Of 2010; Moan.

New Year is when my Grinch kicks in. I hate new year. I hate the social pressure there is to celebrate it. I hate how expensive it is to escape it. I hate how people you don't know wish you a 'happy new year for 2011' when really, they couldn't care less how the year goes for you. I hate how annoyingly drunk 99% of people are and they always seem to be the irritating, sick or violent drunks. I hate how people say 'good riddance to bad rubbish, 2011 will be my year, yadda yadda yadda' yet change nothing. I hate 'new year resolutions' that never get kept, if people wanted to change something that badly, why can they only do it on that 1 day out of 365.24? I just hate it. But on a more positive note, I'm not going to insincerely wish you all a happy new year, but I will say I hope 2011 is a good one. Chin chin.

Sorrowing Sales.

The sales bring absolutely no joy to me; both as a sales assistant and an avid shopper. See post Just A Short One for a more in depth analysis. As far as I'm concerned, if I see something I'll get it, if I don't I won't. I don't intentionally go sale shopping and I would hate to be labelled as another sale blind 'bargain' shopper. Full price vs. half price? Don't become blinded by how much you would save by getting it, full price every time. I ask myself whether I would buy it at its original price, if not, leave it for someone else to pick up off the floor.

One shop that has impressed me this sale season is Kurt Geiger. They always throw in a couple of good pairs of shoes amongst all the rubbish, unlike most shops. An example of this is these lovelies from their Fashionistas range. Named Corso Como and half price from £290 to £145. Although don't get too excited, they've already sold out. Olivia Palermo is the proud owner of the yellow pair.

Another find was Kurt Geiger's navy desert boots which had gone from £110 to £19! Of course in every size bar mine. It's enough to put me off.


Meet Verameat.

"VERAMEAT is Vera Balyura, a teller of winding tales in search of the extraordinary. Born in Ukraine, she recalls woodcarving with her grandfather, horseback riding in Utah & moving to New York to be a high fashion model all before the age of 14. Each design reflects a personal (yet universal) inspiration—from traveling the world, making music, maritime ny sagas, botanical structures of light, futuristic visions of rogue spacemen in beer, and before history."

Their 'Spine Knuckle Duster' is one of my favourites and at £83, I must admit, I have bought more expensive rings. Does that make it OK to buy this one too?

Have a perusal through Verameat's website to save me having to post pictures of every single thing of theirs I like, because there are simply to many. Especially the 'Spine' collection as demonstrated above. And the 'Carry Me Away Knot' ring. Oh, mustn't forget all the dinosaur inspired pieces. Plus their depiction of some animals is uncanny.

Hats Off To Lilly Lewis.

Lilly Lewis is a 29 year old milliner with a passion for vintage hats and fascinators. She has done a number of collaborations and collections for various people, but only came to my attention following her collection for Topshop. What's more, everything of hers in stock at Topshop is priced between £16-£30. On a more depressing note, one of my very sad fears in life is that I will look like a man in a dress come my wedding because neither long flowing locks, a delicate chignon nor a natural Grecian do will be possible. I know it is a long way off, but I am a realist and know I look awful with long hair, thus an alternative is required. I found some solace in Lilly Lewis' bridal head wear, which can be found here.


What Christmas Blues?

So Christmas is over for another year, it is not the end of the world. People should be relieved if anything - if social networks are anything to go by the trauma caused by snow, family, spending and weight gain should now subsequently subside. Personally, I'm quite content with all the above, both upon their arrival and departure. Christmas is over until next year and I have lots of goodies to keep me entertained in the mean time. Including the lovely treats that were my Blackberry Torch a few weeks ago and a new television (because my chunky television had me trapped in 2003). The following are some of said goodies, admittedly many bought by myself, for myself.

...VOGUE subscription that is

Défilés From Paris.

Défilés From Paris is the brand behind these weirdly amazing necklaces and Nathalie Queyraud is it's Parisian jewellery designer. Catwalks from Paris is the translation of Défilés From Paris and that is the epicentre of these necklaces. Famous faces to grace the collection include Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Sonia Rykiel and Azzedine Alaïa. It is a "collection of trends of yesterday and tomorrow, those who wear them and those who create them". Prices are from a reasonable £126-£230.

Skirting The Issue.

As many lovely leather and suede skirts there are at the moment, the realist in me says £60 for a skirt? I could almost get two for that. Then I get thinking, and there's no reason such a garment shouldn't last a long time in my wardrobe. Admittedly, I bought a black leather skirt without a second thought, but how adventurous am I willing to go and seasonally, how far are these skirts willing to go? Here are two outfits I put together with items that are available now, for both Winter and Summer.

Firstly, Winter. I have been waiting for this trapper to come into stock so it had to be used  somewhere. Arguably, I can get away with Topshop's studded headband, but this hat? I do love it so. My problem is my hair - anything like this which covers what little hair I have, I look like I have none. Overall, I would wear this outfit in a fashion fuelled heartbeat and such combination of dark colours, leather and the peach skirt make a Winter outfit worthy of.. well.. me. 

Charlotte V Neck Vest, £39 £27, Reiss. Classic Burwood Brogues, £235, Church's. Black Leather Studded Trapper, £45, Fleece Collar Biker Jacket, £58, Cotton Melange Tights, £8, Suede Tab A-Line Skirt, £55, all Topshop.

When it comes to seeing this skirt through to Summer, I have chosen to piece it with the following blouse and sandals, giving it a slightly vintage look (as much as the word makes me cringe a little). I would wear the scarf as a head scarf to liven up what could not be a less versatile haircut, but on the shoulders would suffice. I like the way the silk scarf transforms the simplicity of this outfit.

Miami Beach Silk Scarf, £160, Versace. Leather Cross-Over Sandals, £295, Marni. Skirt, as before. Antique Silk Swing Shirt, £50, Boutique at Topshop. Beige Oval Sunglasses, £16, Topshop.

It can be hard blogging about things you like because in doing so you are strengthening the bond between you and said item. This was one of those posts which makes you wish money really did grow on trees because I want these two outfits more than I have wanted a lot of things in a long time.  


Oh Golly Galibardy.

Jewellery £16-£45

I love this jewellery for the same reasons I love Pamela Love's jewellery (see post; Silverware And Swimwear). It is not feminine or fancy or fussy. Ok I think I love Love's a little more but for these prices... Although I must say, some of it would look just as good, if not better, as art (i.e. the top right corner antler ring).

Rings £12-£25


Need Not Want.

After recently discussing my like of false lashes, but my distain for the WAG look, I've only gone and found these wacky bad boys. Paperself have created these masterpieces out of paper. My favourite? The shorter deer & butterfly and peacock. Not to boast but my lashes are naturally not to shabby so in order to do something a little different with them, the likes of these are needed. A bargain at £12 for the longer ones and £10 for the shorter.

The eyelashes come in the following designs; Peach Blossoms, Peonies, Horses, Clowns, Deer & Butterfly and Peacock. Each are symbolic of the Chinese culture;
Horses: symbolic of success
Peony: for happiness and good fortune
Peach blossom: a symbol of love and romance
Peacock: auspicious and lucky days
Butterfly: free, buautiful and sensitive
Clown: bring the whole happiness


Green With Envy.

Oval Growing Ring, £130

 Growing Necklace, £130

Growing Ring, £130

How amazing are these? Little moss gardens in jewellery by Hafsteinn Juliusson. This bottom ring is my favourite, like a miniture flower trough. Juliusson states "It is important to take care of the Growing Jewelry. For best results water it only once every 5 weeks and be careful not to water to much. It’s also good to store the ring in deep freeze to preserve it."

Small Heel. Big Faux Pas.

Why won't kitten heels disappear? This vent of steam was instigated by a photoshoot in January's ASOS magazine. Below are a few pairs out of the issue, all within a few pages of each other. To add insult to injury, there was barely a platform, stiletto or block heel in sight. Putting it lightly, I'm mortified that they have made it into the new year. As far as I'm concerned there is no valid reason for them. Leg lengthening? Barely. Flattering? Hardly. Worthwhile 'heel'? Never.


Harding And Heine.

Two new collections to hit Topshop this Winter - Matthew Harding and Lilly Heine.

Matthew Harding launched his suave collection this month, where structured pleats give a hard edge to his feminine pieces. The blouse below has already sold out online so if you have £250 to get a little treat for Christmas, I would be eternally grateful.

Structured Top £250

Structured Dress £280

Lilly Heine is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and produced her Picasso-inspired collections to much success. She gives volume to simple pieces using layers and the soft colours keep it feminine. The collection was kept neutral on the catwalk, however it is already a little too feminine for me, so I would pop on some chunky dark heels with a not too matchy-matchy bag.

Two Leaf Tea Dress £300

Leaf Tea Dress £250

Square Tee £250