New Buys And To Buys.

So, today I bought myself some treats..

Lipsticks in Vamp and Mink £8 each, Eye Duo in Midnight In Paris £6, all Topshop.

One Shoulder Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Sage, £55, Topshop.

And I am eagerly anticipating these bad boys (Andi Clog Stirrup Ankle Boots £98);

We have them in tan but I want black so I'm just going to have to wait.

I'm also loving;

Tassel Wedges, £65, River Island

Cloche Hat, £20, River Island

Mark (VOGUE intern, see earlier post) is the proud owner of these glasses and as much as I try to steal them, he loves them too much not to notice.

Tom Ford Glasses, £175

I still haven't found myself a nice Winter Coat. A few have caught my eye but none have been special enough. Like this one.. But I don't really wear brown, or navy, and as much as the hood lured me in and it's more rust in person, my sensible side got the better of me.

Hooded Contrast Swing Coat, £75, Topshop.

I'll just have to have a sulk and stick to my Summer jacket (below) until I find one.

Excuse the short post - I have a date with a guillotine, some spray glue and my C.V's. I've shipped in an experienced intern especially.
Although I'm working far too much at the moment, I will try to write a more intellectual post soon.


Eye Spy.

Some goodies I spotted whilst snooping online..

Disney Couture Shark Jaw Charm Bracelet £55

ASOS Ames Suede Ankle Boot £60

All Saints Kalman Shoe £165
Topshop Knitted Stitch Top £35

Topshop's asymmetrical update of last Winter's Wax Jacket £80

Topshop Vanity Case £45

Several items of good news;

The Topshop Make Up AW11 collection launches September, bringing us more eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliners and blushes. Most importantly, new nail varnishes intriguingly titled - In The Seasons, Camel, Utilitarian Green, Peach, Air Force Blue.

As of September 2nd Zara will have joined the ever increasing e-commerce society. Even more online shopping.

After a lovely afternoon out for lunch in Chester yesterday, I found some delicious loafers and brogues in Russell and Bromley and was surprised at a couple of pairs of cute flats in River Islands flats too.

Above courtesy of River Island.

And last, but by no means least, the temporary New Yorker I posted about is home today.

Under My Umbrella.

Rumour has it these rainy days aren't stopping any time soon and I need a new umbrella.

River Island, Cath Kidston, Topshop.

These Auto Walker umbrellas from Topshop come in the above 6 colours. At £18 I will definately be getting one but which colour?

The above 3 are by London Undercover at ASOS. I love the breakfast and chippie ones but considering they cost £55 and the rate at which I break umbrellas, I'm not sure.

As much as I need a haircut, I just find myself in the familiar predicament of what to do. I am aware with my hair, options are limited but since seeing Emma Watson has had a chop similar to mine, I want a change. Luckily, when I had long hair and chopped it off it suited me. I'm not sure if I can say the same for Emma. From what I've read I don't think I'm the only one thinking this. It is all a bit mumsy.

I'm off to London next month and due to the OCD organising thing I have been busy planning every minute of our time there. Trying not to see and do the same things as last time, obv. Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly received. Hidden treasures and all that.


All About Me.

I bought these home from work last night and am waiting on the ring.

Topshop; Dress £45, Scarf £18, Ring £16.50

If no one has heard of All About Me and/or All About Us books, get one. They're books full of questions about you or you and your partner. I bought both and the All About Me book is a brilliant idea for a present, for you to leave to the younger generation (a combination of my organisedness with my morbidity) or if you want to know more about someone. With 25 chapters from Morals to Memories, Fears to Favourites, and the more awkward things to write (or admit) in the Sexuality chapter. The All About Us book covers everything in your relationship (as it suggests), including Turn-ons and Turn-offs, Uncomfortable Moments, Sex & Company and The Long Run. Personally, we fill it out together, often bringing some 'interesting' conversation to the table, but you don't have to.

Over the last week or so I have been the cinema 3 times (not alone may I hasten to add). I have now seen Step Up 3D, Toy Story 3 and Inception. Inception was by far the best, if you loved Shutter Island and/or Leonardo then it'll be a winner for you too. To the point were we're thinking of going to see it again. Step Up and Toy Story were good but most definately outshone. Plus I'm not 3D's biggest fan. Rosie's film review completed.

I'm off to mourn the airing of The Hills finale. Join me, won't you?


Coats, Car Insurance And Clothes.

I know Topshop are getting some of the most delicious jackets/coats/capes, they're on the graphics around the shop. But what I don't know is a) when they are coming in b) why they aren't already in - do they not know Summer has been and gone? We have to face the sad fact that Winter is upon us. And c) why they would tease us with distressed leather, sheepskin linings and military capes and not provide the goods? I am very stubborn and if these coats don't come until I've already commenced battle with Britain's harsh weather I shall refuse to buy one (or try anyway). Until such a time, I shall drool over this Paul & Joe Sister cape (not literally, that would mean I could afford such a beautiful Winter warmer and at the same time could have so little respect for it). Courtesy of Net-A-Porter at £1,030.

A little depressed this month. It's car insurance month. As much as I love the independance yada yada... I would LOVE some Alexander Wang in my life. It's when you think of all the things you could be spending that money on it gets you down. Like today. And yesterday. And every other day I've been trying to save this stupid money. If it is true that there are almost 2million uninsured drivers in the UK, that is a lot of premiums saved. Excuse me for making assumptions but I bet they aren't spending their saved pennies wisely. They are probably more into substance abuse and aiding and abetting than investing in a luxurious Proenza Schouler PS1.

On a more positive note, new clothes. As well as some lovely underwear sets, I got (unfortunately) not Viv's ring below but Topshop's impressive £14 version.

Topshop; blouse £35, jeans £35, shoes £22.


And So The Fairytale Began.

Once upon a time, a boy named Mark dreamed a dream. A very ambitious dream, but nonetheless a dream, which he didn't quite appear to have grasped the enormity of. Mark simply wanted to immerse himself in the fashion world and what better place to do it other than at New York's VOGUE?

As we speak (I type) Mark is a slave to his own high standards as an intern at VOGUE in their Times Square office, New York.

It appears that Mark learnt some fundamental rules the moment he realised that in fact, A stood not for apple but his new boss Anna Wintour, B stood not for ball but his new go-to on 5th Ave Bergdorf Goodman, C stood not for cat but couture Cavalli, so on and so forth.

As a student of English at Liverpool's John Moores University he mightn't seem like a front runner for such a position, but he knows his fedora from his gaucho. Without going into the ins and outs of how he got this life-changing internship, it goes without saying he must have deserved it. Let's just say be prepared to get escorted out of top fashion magazine offices in New York by security, practically stalk members of H.R for correspondence, and to drop everything and go running (flying) half way around the world when they want to interview you. I know this post would not have been worth writing in Mark's eyes if I weren't to mention the prime example that would be the sacrificial sale of his beloved Smart car to drug barons in order to help pay for his 3 month stint.

With VOGUE having some of the biggest fashion balls of all, Mark was asked to keep certain info hush (including the loss of control of Facebook - shock horror to a sad few). Let's be honest, you would shave your head and go to work wearing nothing but your Miu Miu brogues if VOGUE asked you to and for that reason I won't put his currently unblemished credibility at risk.

Writing to each other has been like our own 'Dear Diary' entries with occasional witty responses from our alter ego. The aptly titled 'Love Letters' commenced on 6th June and are still going strong. Be it haute couture, office antics, the price of washing, work, weather, simple advice or other more illicit topics - we e-mailed. A lot, especially considering his 12 hour working days. The more juicy bits will have to wait. Wait for a book, wait for a blog of his own, a memoir or maybe just for our own personal enjoyment. E-mails carry the title 'Love Letters', therefore a book titled 'Love Letters of Powerful Women', by the intern himself, may be in a Barnes & Noble near you soon.

After visiting the same psychic that predicted Mark's good fortune, who knows where I'll end up. I'm not going to lie, there's no topping VOGUE. Some may call it selling your soul to the devil, and to some unfortunate people fashion is the devil. Ergo, yes may be he did, but as a result he has been given a key that would fit the lock of most, if not all, fashion publications.

And whilst I am very flattered that he reads my blog from VOGUE HQ - I'd rather be the one sat at that computer.

Oh, and to anyone who read this in awe/jealousy, to really piss on your parade, he turned down The New York Times for VOGUE. The choice would be a fine thing.