Home Sweet Home.

After arriving home and then working three days on the trot, I'm somewhat disheartened. What was so recently paradise is suddenly a distant memory. I hate how quickly life gets back to normal. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be home; two weeks is ample. I couldn't wait to return to British puds, getting to wear something other than sandals and dare I say it, a drop of rain. But now I'm missing not knowing/caring what day of the week it is, the satanic combination of oil and sand and the incessant whirring of the air con at night. I couldn't sleep for the silence my first night back. I want to have my cake AND eat it. Please.

Not everything was perfect, we got off to a dodgy start - we were given a twin room (granted they were almost double beds). We then moved into a king-size sea view room - much better. I then proceeded to lock all of our valuables in the room safe without setting a new code. Another call to reception. To add insult to injury, I lost a valuable day in the sun due to playing nurse to sick Thomas. Who, once better, decided he was desperate for a haircut, despite having one just before leaving England. I rarely have to leave others company because of a severe case of the giggles but this called for it. 'Gel' he said. Thomas politely declined. 'Gel' he repeated. Thomas declined with a bit more gumption. 'GEL' he commanded. Thomas reluctantly stuck out his hand. In all fairness, considering I think he's used to braiding girls hair it wasn't all that bad.

As it was the only 2 weeks of the year I tan, I was in it for the long haul. If you think working 9-5 in an office is hard work, try 9-5 in Hawaiian Tropic at 40-45'c. And if you are going to put yourself through that, you are expecting the most beautifully mahogany body as a result. At first I settled for two little white half moons up top, and then I saw the Slovakians. Their entire clan willingly lay there topless AND in a thong (in a predominantly Muslim country). Off came my top, although with a little more demure - I hope.

Some of the less obvious advantages of being on holiday;
You actually opt for a stone cold shower by choice, as opposed to starting WW3 over who used the last of the hot water.
You don't mind a little exercise, 2 hours snorkelling flies by much quicker than 2 hours swimming lengths.
You get up at 9am every morning for a decent spec by the pool, yet you struggle to think of such an incentive that would work back home.
You have read your books by day 2, but in England you would only just be finishing the first chapter by now.

FYI. The 2 pounds I lost the week I left, I gained at breakfast on the first day. Anyone who knows me knows pastry is my vice. Pancakes, syrup and lots of delicious pastries - the ones containing creme patissiere would be my favourite - this was my breakfast for 14 days.

I'm over the 'this time yesterday' phase, currently in the 'this time last week' phase and have yet to reach the 'this time last month' phase. It's depressing. It'd be rude not to share a holiday snap, so here I am on our way to a diving spot. Weep.

I'll try to do a decent post soon, holiday rant over.



See you in 2 weeks. But with a tan that would make a Wotsit jealous.


Topshop Trouper.

Whilst I anticipate the delivery of my latest online binge, it would appear I'm not the only one.

Underwear set £24, Jersey vests 2 for £10, Stripey maxi skirt £15 in the sale - all Topshop.com

Topshop.com have also had a successful delivery as far as my wardrobe is concerned. Although I'm sure the news won't be as greatly received by my overdraft. I don't know what it is with this colour at the moment but anything rusty, terracotta, dusty pink are winners with me. Stones, beiges and khakis are also on my to buy list. I'm like a magpie only replace shiney with colours of autumn. This is an improvement, it used to be replace shiney with black or grey.

Shawl Collar Tux Blazer £60, Smudge Print Tapered Trousers £38, Kipper Boat Shoes £50, Knitted Short Cable Jumper £38, Camel Jamie Jeans £40, all Topshop.

Included in this delivery was the extension of their basic Strappy Jersey Maxi Dress collection and at £18 a pop I'd love one in each colour please.

I like an accessory or two as much as the next guy but when it comes to holidays I have a problem. Tan lines. I draw the line at white ear lobes from earings. This year I shall be experimenting with an addition - headbands. Whilst I am aware they come in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges, Topshop will have to suffice for now and my haircut limits the boundaries even more so. Here are my top 3 (and I shall limit myself to 3);

Whilst I accept this is arguably not the most practicle beach headwear it is; a) beautifully OTT b) half price in the sale c) offers versitility - it comes with/out diamontes and in pale grey, blue or pink.

Definately more practicle and definately cute.

For those who don't want a headband to be too girly - a leather mini studded one. Also half price in the sale so why not ey.

Large Diamonte Bow Headband £12, Heart Printed Headband £6, Mini Stud Leather Headband £8 - all Topshop.

Silverware And Swimwear.

For those who haven't heard of her, Pamela Love is a New York based jewellery designer. Her pieces are all reminiscent of a gothic, dungeons-and-dragons era. When eagle claws, raven skulls and swords were not a thing of fairytales. See for yourself..

Left to right; Sterling silver talon cuff £960, Sterling silver obsidian arrowehead ring £460, Sterling silver eagle claw earings £385, all available at net-a-porter.

I love her necklaces and above is one of my favourite pieces, the sterling silver arrowehead necklace (£230) and the sterling silver eagle claw necklace (£290).
Find out more at http://www.pamelalovenyc.com/ and see what's in her AW10 collection - it's a lot more ropey (but not in the bad sense of the word, literally) and hearty too.
If you're anything like me and finding satisfactory digits on the scales is looking more like mission impossible as departure day inches closer, I'd start looking for a one piece. Or a very clever little number. As the swimsuit technology needed isn't quite up to par yet in creating the 'perfect' silhouette Mouille are here to answer our short-term prayers. Anyone with a lump here and a bump there who isn't looking forward to baring all on the beach, fear not. I mean, sods law Miranda Kerr will be on the lounger next to you with her 34-24-34, and it's guaranteed that she will prance around with very little covering her modesty but who says quantity is quality? I'm not saying it will fix everything. Just help. A little.

Go to ASOS to check out more of these bad boys or the bikini's if you're more daring or head to http://www.mouille.co.uk/ to find other stockists.

I wrote this listening to Liverpool based Ragz, if you like anything acoustic/folk like Eva Cassidy, you'll like her - www.myspace.com/ragzmusic


We're All Going On A.

Now, I'm not a big birthday person but had a lovely weekend with fabulous friends, food and fun (cliche). Now that my birthday is over (weep) it's time to look forward to my holiday (yay). What comes with holidays? SHOPPING!

Every girl has the annual essentials and here are mine, minus the staple bikini's & maxi's..

Lacey Shoelace £7 American Apparel, Freda Chain Sandals £40 Topshop, Tapered Chino Trousers £35 Topshop, Chiffon Twist Front Blouse £45 Topshop, Tencel Utility Hotpants £30 Topshop, Morse Leather Fringe Tassel Loafers £50 ASOS, Clear Round Glasses £15 Topshop, Urban Academy Canvas Bag £32 ASOS, Nail Varnish Kiss And Tell £5 Topshop, H By Hudson Lucilla Flat Strapped Sandal £95 ASOS.

My favourites are the H by Hudson Sandals (bottom left), camel coloured chino's by Topshop and their twist front blouse with satisfies the pastel trend as well as Burberry's love of twists and knots this season. The glasses are cute too. Oh sod it, I'll have it all please.