High Street vs High End.

Obviously they're a little different, and as the owner of the Topshop pair I'm a little biased, but the similarities are there.
Leaf Hoops, £5, Topshop. 22-Karat Gold-Plated Feather Earrings, £225, Alex Monroe.

Triumphantly Topshop.

A fiery little ensemble whereby mixed metals, blacks and reddy oranges are combined with snakes, skulls and pony skin leather. If ever in doubt of how to grunge an outfit up a trusty skull or two and an array of rings never fail.
Red Midi Cute Skirted, £46, Decayed Skull Studs, £5, Black Faux Pony Skin Purse, £12, Decayed Skull Ring, £7.50, Tan Cord Leather Skinny Belt, £26, Gazelle Black Nubuck Cut Out Shoe Boots, £68, all Topshop. Cobra 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond Ring, £2,010, Ileana Makri. Naga Silver & Gold Black Sapphire Ring, £725, John Hardy.


Staple Summer Sandal.

I don't think you can get more versatile or better value for money when it comes to finding this years essential sandals than these £26 ones from Next. Consider it simple style, not safe - I do.

High Street vs High End.

A bit cheeky Topshop.

Williams Stripe Espadrille Wedges, £65, Topshop. Prada SS11.


Aurélie Bidermann.

Aurélie Bidermann is a stroke of genius. Managing to combine my love of less dainty jewellery with feminine characteristics is no mean feat. And we all know I'm partial to the odd skull or peace sign. She's only gone and thrown a bit of colour in there, like when parents used to hide carrots under the good bits. She would have me wearing pink before we know it. Visit her website to snoop some more, intriguing to say the least.


Firstly, a bit of background... "Swear is a footwear brand created in London by entrepeneur Jose Neves. In 2000 Jose and brand manager Jorge Sampaio wanted to create a crossover shoe for a crossover generation. Tired of going to gigs and seeing cool young people wearing a mix of converse and vintage boots with their skinny jeans, they set out to design a sneaker-classic shoe hybrid that would look cool with tight jeans and t-shirt, a bold and minimal look of the early 00's, taken to the streets by garage rock revival bands such as The Strokes, White Stripes or The Hives." Now, I do love the womens (above) but the mens (below) just about pip it for me. This is demonstrated by the basic fact I couldn't narrow my choices down to four pairs like that of the womens. In all honesty I struggled limiting myself to six. You'll be pleasantly surprised to hear they have lovely high street prices.


Always Got Love For Love.

I genuinely have little palpitations at the thought of Pamela Love. This month is just getting too exciting. First she goes and releases more ab fab fantasy collectables, then I realise the release of her Topshop collaboration is in seventeen sleeps.

Love's collection, from £90-£1,035.

Her Topshop range below is not quite as gothic as her own line, she takes this one back to her Native American roots. I do love it but hearts and feathers are pushing it.

 Love's Topshop collaboration, from £50.

Safety In Numbers.

A brief high street versus high end post.

Large Safety Pin Studs, £14, Topshop. Sterling Silver-Plated Swarovski Crystal Safety Pin Earrings, £245, Tom Binns.


Overt And Orange.

Nothing like a few neutral and tangerine notes to kick start the Summer wardrobe.
Barricade Babe Sterling Silver-Plated Earrings, £100, Tom Binns. Mushroom Pocket Vest By Boutique, £25, Script Natural Linen High Vamp Peep Toe Platform Wedges, £70, Macrame Fringe Crossbody, £25, all Topshop. Nails in Atomic Orange, £10, OPI.


Silk, Straps And Spots.

If I was £1,704 better off and didn't have to work this evening, I would revel in gathering this outfit for a far more titillating occasion.

Arrowhead Sterling Silver & Obsidian Necklace, £1,085, Pamela Love. Y Satin Envelope Clutch, £505, Yves Saint Laurent. Pink Silk Racer Back Strappy Cami By Boutique, £38, Taupe Leopard Print Silk Cropped Trousers By Boutique, Java Black Suede Wedges, £65, all Topshop. Nails in Cadogan Square, £11, Nails Inc.