A Little Moan.

After working 49 hours over the past 9 days (63 hours if you include the time wasted commuting) I am sorry to say my blog has suffered first hand. This neglect is inexcusable and with 2 weeks off before jet-setting I'll be sure to do a few half decent posts (or so I think). I know, 'welcome to the real world' but when you're used to working 8 hours a week it comes as quite a shock. My poor body doesn't know what it has done wrong but it'll thank me when I next step on the scales.

When I say I have 2 weeks off, I mean no Topshop. I have a photoshoot next week (for which I'm to anticipate a red crop - hair obviously). Hopefully, it'll look smashing because I'll have it for my birthday at the weekend. Talking of birthdays, I treated myself to a little outfit..

I also snapped up a couple of bargains in the sale before it started on Thursday..

Over and out, until I have the brain power to string a half decent sentence.


Just a short one.

Sale launches in stores tomorrow at Topshop. Why I'm telling more people than necessary I don't know. God help any employees (including myself) from the bargain hungry women of Liverpool tomorrow. I don't quite see the need for the sheer desperation some people shop with on the first few days of sale.

There are the machines who attach themselves to one end of the rail and don't come up for air until they get to the other end. Shopping is not a leisurely hobby for these people, it's a contact sport.

There are the dawdlers who amble down each isle blocking them for anyone who may want to pass (N.B. no obstacle is too large for the machines).

There are the limpets who attach themselves to a girlfriend/mum/etc. These tend to not care about the clothes and get in the way, however it's a price they're willing to pay so's not to get left alone, and potentially lost, in the sea of last season's leftovers and erratic shoppers.

There are the anally expulsive who appear to possess a magical repelling force as everything they touch falls to the floor. And stays there. The clothes are not treated with an ounce of the respect that they were three days previous when they were marked at full price.

And then there are those who find it all a bit overwhelming and decide it's worth paying full price in order to avoid.

When have they gone too far? Personally? Aggression. Aggression is too far. When they get home and have a moment to reflect and realise that their cannibalistic behaviour goes against all social norms they usually have no problem conforming to.

It is disappointing to see people buying shit just because it's cheap but by day two if it's an item of clothing which I don't have to pick up off the floor then I'm willing to let it go. Sacrificial if you ask me, taking one for the team.

Below is the most accident prone canine you will ever set eyes on. Evie. She is currently knocked out after her latest general anaesthetic.

Don't be fooled by this angelic appearance, she normally looks a little more like this..

I must be tired, I'm disappointed in myself for missing the opportunity for dry wit in the previous post regarding the lipstick on Rosie's Lips. There was a play on words in there somewhere and I missed it. Damn.


The Make Up Shake Up.

The following are some of the goodies Topshop's new make up range has to offer. I currently have on the second one in (named The Big Easy) and it's day 5 with one solid coat and it has yet to chip. The collection pleases both the quality AND quantity lovers out there as at £5 a pop who can say no to a nail varnish that only needs 1 coat to sort you out for the week (at least). Admittedly, I have splurged on the varnishes in particular, but when you try a different tester every shift, loving each a little more than the previous, they just.. add up.

With regards to their lipsticks, the one in my pocket at the moment is in the middle at the bottom (shade Desert) which goes on a delicious matte peach colour. I LOVE 'Vamp' (guess which one that is) but no matter how many times I try it, it just looks.. wrong. I will keep trying it until I learn to love it on my lips as much as I do in its tube.

I'm not really an eye shadow kinda girl but everyone needs at least one, even if it's only for the basic smokey eyes. The navy and grey (Heavy Storm) is the best here, in my humble opinion.

The t-shirts below took months to find after seeing someone wearing one and at long last I can proudly tell you that they are by Hype Means Nothing and can be bought from http://www.buymeansnothing.com/ for £45. Each design (there are 26) comes in white, grey or black and for men and women. These 3 are my favourite; Beyonce, Obama, Will Smith.

Tip of the Day: Jelly shoes - great for Summer, shit for tan lines.


No Longer Secret Secrets.

I'm always surprised at how many people haven't heard of Postsecret. For those who this applies to, 'Postsecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard'. It sounds far more emotionally detached than it actually is. Be them happy, sad, funny, rude, angry, shocking, aspirational or heart-warming, they're all there. The secrets on http://www.postsecret.com/ are updated every Sunday and I have been a religious follower for years now with several of their books too (which make fab coffee table books). Anyone who has been introduced to this by myself has been pleasantly surprised and maybe you will be too...

My Books;

A jewellery range (which until recently has not been available in the UK) has arrived at ASOS. My accessory prayers were answered when Dogeared jewellery was on the ASOS newsletter that arrived in my inbox. Their stuff is cute, dainty and ideal for presents. I bought the following TINY earings and bracelet for a total of £127 (I got 2 bracelets - 1 for me & 1 for my boyfriend) so as moreish as they are, I won't be expanding my collection in a hurry.

I spent most of yesterday at a photoshoot for Kirtsy Doyle's new collection which, whilst fun, was potentially financially disasterours. See http://www.kirsty-doyle.com/ for her amazing creations and I'll let you know when the new collection is up.


To Dye For.

I'm feeling two trends at the moment; tie dye (no we have not seen the best of it already) and rough luxe. Tie dye is fresh, summery, easily made unique and an oversized tie dye tee is perfect for those festival goers out there this summer.

Clockwise from top left: Tie Dye Tee £45 Topshop, Midnight Runners Tank Dress £169 Sass & Bide, Tie Dye Leggings £22 Topshop, Jordan Long Shoulderless Dress £100 (in the sale) Gypsy05, Pietro Alessandro Small Convertible Tie Dyed Bag £97, Printed Tie Dye Hareems £28 Topshop, Rose Tie Dye Jersey Hotpants £8 Topshop, Sperry Topsider Bahama Boat Shoe Tie Dye Canvas £40 Gravity Pope

For the more edgy, less hippie out there, I present rough luxe. A mixture of masculin leathers and studs with feminine lace and silk, all in mellow colours.

Clockwise from top left: Leather Sleevless Biker Jacket £95 Topshop, Spikey Stud Headband £30 Topshop, Uneven Hem Chiffon Skirt £50 Topshop, Ruched Side Leggings £22 Topshop, Leather Large Pyramid Stud Bag £45 Topshop, Christian Louboutin Studded High Tops £810 SS10 collection, Alexander McQueen Smoky Knuckle Duster Ring £370, Rose Lace Ankle Socks £5 Topshop, Stud Lace Slip Skirt £35 Topshop, Patsy Tassel Wedges £130 Topshop

The Alexander McQueen ring has to be my favourite here, I am partial to the odd ring, as my daily essential illustrates below...

Excuse the lack of writing today but the pictures took me three hours to hunt down and the sun is shining so I apologise but I'm off to enjoy the rarity that is this British sun!


Cameras, Clothes And (Occasionally) Complicated Choices.

To SLR or not to SLR, that is the question. Firstly, as a complete photography amateur I do not have a clue what I am talking about. All's I know is I know/think I want one because I've seen the amazing pictures other people have gotten with one. I'm planning on getting a basic one but the only way I can work out a 'basic one' is by the price, which (although often reliable) is not the best way to spend several hundred pounds. This week I shall make a point of doing some research. If you have any 'inside information' on the mystery feel free to share it. As things stand I think I may do eenie meenie with the following;

Onto some arguably more exciting news; Mark Fast for Topshop. Launching some beautifully eclectic garments on the 25th June in flagship Topshop stores and online. Prices range from a surprisingly affordable £75-£150. Not much to say here, we know the what, where, when and how much so let the clothes lure us in. Ten days and counting my fellow spend addicts. Ten days.

Another day, another dollar. I have to go to work now, if I want the above dress.

P.S. Anyone who liked the Modern Love tee's follow them on twitter to be kept in the know, www.twitter.com/ModernLove2010


A Maxi Debate.

The world has gone maxi dress mad. Or at least the Northwest of England. Be them plain or patterned, flowing silk or tight jersey, or with one sleeve, two sleeve or no sleeve. Appeal for me; easy and versatile. Two that are on my shopping list are as follows...

I tend to go for the more plain, jersey ones. Like this scoop back maxi from Topshop for the bargain price of £25. It's going to be a sell out and I intend on 'scooping' one up after my next shift. I wear them with espadrilles, converse or chunky sandals (because in my opinion 9/10 things are better chunky).

Again, another Topshop number. This time £30 with drop armholes and a waistband. This is intended as swimwear for wearing over a bikini and whatnot and despite its see-through-ness I may invest. I'm looking for the low armholes at the moment to let the tattoos have a breath of fresh air from time to time.

Now, Macbook vs Laptop. Through this blogging malarky I've noted different people use different mediums to get what they have to say onto the internet. My weapon of choice; a 17" Purple Dell Studio with Windows Vista Premium. I'm not going to pretend I know all the details between the two but I know people who love their Macbook and I know people who love their laptop (including me). Some have reverted back to laptops, some have remained loyal to Apple. All in all, it's Microsoft which swings it for me. When Macbook's really took off, admittedly, Microsoft was somewhat old fashioned, but in the fight to remain as competition worth competing with they upped their game. And personally, despite loving them both for different reasons, will stick to my laptop and custom-made Day of the Dead Mexican sleeve.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this. It's so good when she finally gets round to it, again. Love it 3:50-5:00, kinky and a body to die for.


Tee And Tequila.

Last night was the launch party of a fab new unisex t-shirt range called Modern Love, courtesy of Matthew Moore. The tee's are versatile, edgy and most importantly addictively collectable. You can see more for yourself at http://www.modernlove.eu/.

Santa Chupitos supplied the cocktails, Kirsty Doyle the venue, Ragz the music, Studio 2 the quiz (which we only went and won) and all of which were fantastic. The night continued into Liverpool's bars, not that I lasted long, and a good time was had by everyone involved. I'm arguably biased with regards to the tee's, as those with a good eye will see I modelled for them, but that doesn't mean that I, as another spend-happy shopper like yourself, wouldn't love them just as much.

A busy couple of weeks ahead (before my birthday) which can only mean one thing. Lists. The main/obvious ones would be lists of things to do today, tomorrow, before the end of the week, things to remember, people to speak to or e-mail, things to buy, things to do while I'm in town, websites, birthday plans, etc. and yes the list could go on and each one could be made into twenty more detailed lists. But these would mean nothing if it weren't for the King of Lists; the list of lists which need to be made. Call me OCD, I wouldn't say you were lying.


Just Pigs And Clothes.

I have to have one, wellies just don't look as good on my Golden Retriever, Megan. Yes, they are pigs the size of a teacup and at £200 I fear it may be worth getting kicked out the family home for.

Vogue's Blog has informed me of Harvey Nichols sale starting on the 16th June so anyone else who has the bank account of a student may benefit from this. I may even nabsy a bargain for my micro pig-to-be. If it can wear wellies.. The possibilities are endless.

I must share one of my latest buys, these 'Horn Button Curve Fly Hareems' in 'Rust'. I just love the colour. There are currently 2 pairs hanging in my wardrobe but 1 will go back, I promise.

But for now I am off horse riding.


And So It Begins.

Just got back from having my tattoos recoloured and in hindsight wishes I hadn't bothered. Ouch. I know, self inflicted pain but pain is beauty and all that jazz. Below is my blue bird and lucky horseshoe, pictures are from my laptop webcam hence why they're rubbish.

In other news, it may come as no surprise that I have an ongoing love affair with the galaxy. Anything Cosmo and I'm entranced. Lucky for me I've found a label who feed my desire with their wonderfully galactic clothing and Your Eyes Lie is the name. For £42 I couldn't say no to the black one (I'm known to be a little morbid when it comes to my attire and whilst this is a habit I'm successfully trying to break, we all deserve a treat once in a while).

In addition I picked up this fab nail varnish at Topshop (of course), 'Gypsy Night', which is one of the best nail varnishes ever. And as I have a fetish for nail varnishes, take it from me, I've seen a fair few. It has bits of copper foil in as well as all the little multicoloured glitter on black. The picture just does not do its sparkle justice.

Talking of treats, operation beach body of a goddess has commenced and I'm failing miserably in some areas. With 5 weeks until departure, the plan was healthy food, exercise and ciao to puddings (my major weakness) until I return in August. I'm kind of there with the food (eating bird food, no snacks) and I've kept up the exercise (it's only day 3) but I just CAN'T lose the desserts!

So, Big Brother starts tonight. That is the first, last and only thing I shall say about it.