Firstly, a bit of background... "Swear is a footwear brand created in London by entrepeneur Jose Neves. In 2000 Jose and brand manager Jorge Sampaio wanted to create a crossover shoe for a crossover generation. Tired of going to gigs and seeing cool young people wearing a mix of converse and vintage boots with their skinny jeans, they set out to design a sneaker-classic shoe hybrid that would look cool with tight jeans and t-shirt, a bold and minimal look of the early 00's, taken to the streets by garage rock revival bands such as The Strokes, White Stripes or The Hives." Now, I do love the womens (above) but the mens (below) just about pip it for me. This is demonstrated by the basic fact I couldn't narrow my choices down to four pairs like that of the womens. In all honesty I struggled limiting myself to six. You'll be pleasantly surprised to hear they have lovely high street prices.

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